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Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Train Your Brain for a Better Future
Monday 23rd October
7:00pm - 8:30pm
8 Week Course

Your mind can be your Best Friend with tons of useful information or it can be your Worst Enemy with stories and nagging worries that will keep you awake at night and miserable and drained during the day. 

Why not join my Brain Training Classes?
I will teach you how to master the brain to enable it to take you wherever you want to go. I will give you lessons and tools for your life tool kit so that when sticky situations come along you will be able to handle them with ease.
Using basic meditation and relaxation methods along with a mixture of my own life lessons, NLP, Life Coaching and Counselling skills I can teach you to flow with life and with people.

You will sleep better, think smarter, live easier, be more alert and aware, have more energy and have much healthier relationships. As soon as you start this course and it's effective exercises your life will change beyond recognition.

Testimonial – Becks – Bamford
I cannot believe the difference in me in just 5 weeks. Before attending this course I would not stay in my house alone for even an hour. Last weekend my partner went away and I had a wonderful weekend on my own and even went out to visit friends (I wouldn’t even drive before). I would recommend this course to everybody!

An Evening with Angels
with Elaine Bradbury

Crystal Clear
Clearing, balancing and powering up the Crown Chakra with Gabriel

Tuesday 24th October, 7pm - 9pm, £10

Calling all Earth Angels, Lightworkers and Elementals.
Come and enjoy an evening of chat, visualisations, Q&A’s, Angel cards and guidance, from your Guides, loved ones in spirit and the Angels.
A free and easy, relaxed atmosphere to recharge your spiritual batteries!
All welcome from the most experienced to absolute beginners.

1-1 Angel Healing also available
Balancing Mind, Body and Soul
60 minute treatment = £35

Reiki Exchange
26/10/17, 7pm-9pm, £5
This is a great opportunity for anyone, of any level in Reiki, to join a group of like-minded people who share your views. Allow yourself to receive some positive energy and have the chance to share that energy with others.

Meditiation & Healing with Ron Heyes
02/11/17, 7pm-9pm, £10
An evening of meditation, healing, card interpretation and raising the vibration! 

Ron's wacky and wonderful approach makes this interactive session fun, fabulous & out of this world.

Ho'oponopono Healing Group 
7pm-9pm, £10

This is a two hour group session, incorporating deep cleaning, healing meditations.

Group and individual healing will take place, along with a discussion and question and answers.


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