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Funded by RMBC Short breaks for Children with disabilities.

Children that are registered disabled in Rochdale,can access all the following therapies at a BARGAIN price of £4 (call for details)

Bowen Technique for children with Lorraine Ashworth:BA (Hons) M.Litt (Oxon) CertECBS MBTPA MFHT CNHC is a certified Bowen Technique Practitioner, having trained with the European School of Bowen Studies. Lorraine is a member of both the Bowen Therapy Professional Association and the Federation of Holistic Therapists and is also registered with Government-sponsored Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.Lorraine continually expands her knowledge and experience of health and wellbeing.

Cost:  £20 (45 min)

4-6 treatments at weekly intervals are often sufficient to achieve lasting relief, although further treatments may be required in certain circumstances.

To receive maximum benefit it is advised that each appointment should be 5-7 days apart.

Bowen Technique is a very gentle form of hands on therapy using minimal pressure over specific points which affect our posture resulting in a release of tension, relief from pain and a more healthy and balanced way of being. Because this technique has such a calming effect on our nervous system, Bowen is used to effectively assist in the healing of many health conditions and postural imbalances in babies and children.

(Consider for Colic, Asthma, Hyperactivity, Bedwetting, IBS, Postural Imbalances, Recovery from broken bones, Stress and Headaches. And most importantly, kids love it!)

Lorraine also offers  Mummy and Baby (0 to 12 months)  – Baby is treated free of charge if Mummy books in for a treatment for herself at



Far Infrared sauna with Colour therapy and Aromatherapy for children

Age 5 - 14yrs old must be accompanied by an adult and we reccommend 30mins session £25 (Price for adult and child)

General benefits:    


Reflexolgy for ASD with Michelle Mills

It is a scientific fact that the nervous system and endocrine system are influenced by states of long term stress, anxiety, anger and tension.  Children with ASD can sometimes feel unable to cope with the demands life places on them.  Decision making, simple changes in routine and difficulties relating to their peers can all create feelings of stress and anxiety to varying degrees.  All these (and many more) situations can trigger the stress response in the body which can easily lead to illness.  

Reflexology is a very versatile and non invasive treatment that is suitable for any age group.  For those children who find physical contact difficult reflexology really does come into its own.  When walking, the feet are already subject to varied pressures as body weight shifts from one foot to another.  Physical contact from another person on the feet is therefore a natural progression to touch therapy.  The only items of clothing that need to be removed are shoes and socks, so this therapy will suit even the most insecure and vulnerable children.  

The treatment itself is versatile enough to be given effectively for almost anybody.  The receiver can be sat up, reclined or lay down, whichever they feel most comfortable with.  The child can also interact with the treatment as much as they wish which can improve their social interaction, for example they could learn to press certain reflex areas on their hands to co-ordinate with the therapist pressing the same reflex point on the feet.  These techniques can also be used by the child, at times they feel stressed to bring a sense of calm as part of their daily life.

Benefits of reflexology will depend on the individual needs of the young person receiving the therapy, but the main focus will be to;

Cost: £22 (30 mins)


Relax Kids Classes with Jo Potts

Relax Kids has had positive effect on children with autism, hyperactivity, stress, sleeping problems, trauma, OCD, disruptive behaviour, depression, low self-esteem, anger and anxiety issues.

Relax Kids relaxation has helped children cope with a range of stressful situations including bullying, exams, parental divorce, bereavement, long term illness, hospital and doctor's appointments. Relax Kids works well with the gifted and talented as well as vulnerable. Relaxation helps release endorphins, helping children feel happy and positive. It also helps relax muscles and calm the nervous system whilst boosting the immune system so promoting general good health. Relaxation helps calm children's minds and sharpens concentration and memory retention so helping them focus. It also stimulates the imagination and so encourages self expression and self confidence.

Regular relaxation can make a huge impact to a child's life! 60 mins class using a unique combination of mindful games, storytelling with exercises, stretching, breathing, massage as well as positive affirmations, visualisations, mindfulness and relaxations.

We also sell a wide range of Relax Kids products from *Meditation Cds *Cd's* Dvds* Inspiration cards* Books*

We also sell Jophiel pillow mist to help children sleep easier (100% natural products)


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